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5020 Salzburg


Grazing Board

Vielen Dank. Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen. 

Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne mit Fragen zu unseren Touren, Produkten oder zum Bestellvorgang:



Michaela Muhr: +43 699 188 20001

Astrid Zehentmayer: +43 676 728 5313

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-  ABOUT US  -


FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT.... and simply enjoy.


With this motto I traveled to different countries early on. My curiosity about other cultures and culinary experiences stayed with me to this day. I share my passion for cooking domestic and international dishes with my husband and our two daughters. That means that preparing a family dinner can take all day. It starts with shopping for local products, followed by lots of experimenting, tasting, gossiping and then   -  time to enjoy.


Salzburg has been my home for over 20 years. My first years I lived in the province of Styria and I have learned to love the pumpkin seed oil,  the Styrian apples  and the Schilcher wine. 

Here in Salzburg I love the city's diverse history and the proximity to the Salzkammergut.

Of course, I like the real & original Mozart chocolate. I have already learned how to prepare Salzburger Nockerln.

My journey of discovery now takes place mainly in Salzburg. Because the people of Salzburg themselves are connoisseurs at a high level.

And I would like to bring you closer to this enjoyable atmosphere on my tour through the city.


un po di più per favore


I am a connoisseur ... I love traveling, delicious meals with friends and a good glass of wine. I am interested in photography, I like to dance for my life and love to be out in nature with my family.


II have professional experience in working with hotels & travel agencies, I studied Business Administration and after a few semesters abroad I ended up in an event agency. 

Challenging incentives & events were my specialty ... and foreign languages are my passion: I speak Spanish, Italian, French and English.   

Together with my husband and our 3 children, I have been living in the city of Salzburg for 20 years ... and couldn't imagine a more beautiful place.


Always looking for the original and traditional, as a city guide I also like to discover new things. I prefer to stroll through Salzburg's narrow streets and passages with courtyards, enjoy the atmosphere, meet nice people and hear wonderful stories. My favorite thing to do is to watch how Salzburg wakes up early in the morning - to start the new day in peace with an espresso.


Salzburg is a way of life! 

A fine blend of culture, nature, handicrafts, shopping and cuisine ... and for us gourmets there is a lot to discover! 

I am happy to take you on one of our culinary adventures.

- Our Team-

We love what we do and look forward to showing you the cultural side of Salzburg.

We are experienced, art and culture enthusiasts, certified  colleagues.  Everyone in our team brings their personal experience, a lot of know-how and sensitivity.

It guarantees you that every tour will be a unique experience. 



Many years ago, I was hooked by the travel fever.

As an Austria Guide and as a travel guide, I have see many places and landscapes.

But Salzburg still remains my favorite city.

So much culture surrounded by beautiful nature - that's what defines Salzburg.

And how you can enjoy this city from a culinary point of view, you will learn on our Food Tours.

I speak German and English


It feels like home in many places, but for the past 30 years Salzburg has become another home to me. I love this city!Because as a musician I feel privileged to live in the birthplace of Mozart. Salzburg combines music, history and nature in a wonderful way and offers a lot of fascinating attractions. 



Let me tell you about it!



I speak German  and Spanish


Working as an Austria Guide has greatly enriched my life. History and culture have always interested me a lot.

And thanks to my Italian roots, it's easy for me to talk about  

to talk about Salzburg's treasures from Roman times.

I love the Italian way of life in combination with local culinary delights. 

Let me surprise you.


I speak German, Italian and English

Mag Gabi Freischlager


With passion I completed my studies in art history & law in Salzburg. 

In addition, I am interested  in textile design  and love to show you the treasures of churches. 

Well, with so much knowledge I always need good food... and there is plenty of it in Salzburg.

I know where to find the best food for students or even the best appetizers at a bargain price.

 I'll be happy to show you some great food places on a cultural highlight city tour.

I speak German and Englisch


My passion can be found in reading about the life of famous people, literature and nature.

As Austria Guide, I will gladly show you the Salzburg city mountains.


I do not want to deprive you of this exceptionally beautiful view over the city combined with some cultural and culinary delicacies.


I speak German and Italian


Welcome to...

 ... to one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am sure you will agree with me after a Salzburg tour together.

My wife and I love to cycle from my home in Seekirchen am Wallersee to the city and take a walk over the picturesque city mountains.

As an " Austria Guide" & trained hiking guide, I will gladly accompany you to the most beautiful viewing spots in and around Salzburg. 

I speak German and English


it is my great hobby to show our city to guests  who are interested in fun local stories.

It is a very nice complementation to my job as a civil engineer.

My interest in history and good food always leads me to undiscovered places and restaurants.

I do not think that there is a better way than to introduce some of these food places to our visitors and chat about the history over a cold glass of beer.

I speak German



During my time as a restaurant owner, I noticed the increasing interest of guests in individual and focus-oriented city tours.

And so I like to show you "my" city and its surroundings and what I love about it.

I am always thoughtful in providing professional  guiding service - and it is important to me to offer individual tour design, far away from the crowds.


I speak German and English



My profession as an Austria Guide fuels my curiosity and also helps me in my search for new perspectives, insights and experiences. 

If you are also curious, then I will be happy to give you a more detailed insight into the culture and cuisine 

of the old town of Salzburg.

I am looking forward to it.


I speak German and English

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