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New York Cheesecake

for your afternoon coffee


1Pkg. Butter cookies

50 g butter

800 g curd cheese

200 g creme fraiche

150 g granulated sugar

1 pkg. Vanilla sugar

4 eggs

1 tablespoon cornstarch

lemons or fruits for decorating


Preheat oven to 180°C.

Place the cookies in a freezer bag and crumble.

Melt the butter and knead with the crumbs. Pour the mixture into a buttered cake pan,

flatten and bake for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix curd cheese, crème fraîche, sugar and vanilla sugar.

Stir in eggs one at a time.

Spread mixture over cake base. Bake cake again for about 50 minutes (depending on the size of the cake pan).

Let the cake cool, decorate with lemon peel or fruit and serve with a smile.

Our tip: This cake tastes even better on the 2nd day .

A story:

There are many different recipe names for a cheese cake.... in German it is a Käsekuchen or maybe a Quarktorte or Käsewehe as it is called in Schwitzerland? In the 17th century it was called "Egg-cheese-cake".

In any case, it is known that already in ancient Greece or in the Roman Empire cakes were baked with curd and sour cream. The first cheese cake probably came from the French professional chef Taillevent, who described the pie at the end of the 14th century in the cookbook "Le Vaindier".

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