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- This is what Salzburg tastes like -

How about a walk with all your senses? Follow us on a culinary adventure through the old town and be surprised by the delicious local delicacies.  

We tempt you to try delights in all flavors: whether sweet or sour, whether spicy or savory, whether hot or cold - explore the variety of delicacies, enjoy the loving presentation and the cheerful mood that good food spreads.

Find out the historical background of our culinary partner companies as well as their products.

Get to know the people behind the family-owned businesses. 

- Our  Mission -

We  are Austria guides with a passion for food and we want to connect YOU  with our Salzburg food culture. Let us refine your day with well-dosed facts, entertaining anecdotes and flavorful delicacies.

Together we support new and established local entrepreneurs.

- How others liked it  -


 Tasty good 

As a Salzburg resident (you think) you know "everything" anyway.

Far off.
I had business friends over and booked a classic city tour.
  On  this  one day I saw my hometown with slightly different eyes and my guests were delighted. 
So we booked a "Food Tour" right away. Interesting and also a culinary delicacy which I can only recommend to every foodie.

Wolfgang, Salzburg


 Great tour 

This was a wonderful tour!  So much information, beautiful sights and delicious food tastings.  Our guide  designed the  Tour entertaining  and interesting. We thought the goodie bag was a great gesture. I would recommend this tour to everyone.  :)

Cindy,  Tennessee



Without the tour, we would never have so many delicious memories we could remember when sitting on our couch at home.  And that's exactly where we continue to feast on our pineapple chutney with cheese. Afterwards we might have another sip of the "Eminence Gray". All in all, we can say that the tour enriched our stay and shaped our image of Salzburg very positively. Many thanks to our guide for that! We'll definitely come back to you!

Simon, Upper Austria

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